Mark Kimber

G'day, I'm Mark, a Pom who now lives in Perth, WA. I'm a triathlete who's been out of action for almost a year after a bike accident and a few surgeries. Doing a bit more running these days while I try to get back on the TT and back into swimming.......but maybe having some more surgery in 2021 to help with those goals!


Main goal this year is just to get my shoulder fully rehabilitated so that I can get back to triathlon. Proud of not giving up on my one and only full Ironman despite having a stomach bug and being sick from 50km into the bike leg until the end! Also proud of a sub 4:30 70.3 and although I would like to have gone under 3 hours for a marathon, I'm still proud of a 3:02 marathon at my first attempt at that distance as a stand alone run.

Not sure I live by it, but a quote I like especially when preparing for a bigger race is 'I am building a fire, and everyday I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match.' -Mia Hamm (USA Soccer player)

What Inspires You

Alistair Brownlee, Cam Wurf, Lucy Charles-Barclay & Daniela Ryf are athletes I find inspiring in the triathlon world. Outside of triathlon, Michael Jordan is an absolute legend & I'm a big fan of Geraint Thomas, Federer, Steven Gerrard and too many others to list! The Endurance Movement in Perth -Kate & Nick are awesome and both inspiring in their own ways without even knowing it. They set me on the right track in this sport when I knew absolutely nothing about it. The Cupcake Cartel Team -Cal & Alise are two of the best people I've come across, absolute dead set legends. Closer to home, my partner Sam is incredibly supportive and patient!

Big Goals

70.3 World Champs is a goal, Kona is a dream! I'd also love to crack that 3hr mark for the marathon.

Nutrition Tips

Recover Recover Recover.....................don't forget to eat & hydrate well post training session/race. It's easily forgotten about but it's what keeps you going session after session.

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