Nathan Ham

Hi, I'm Nathan. Triathlate from Ipswich, QLD.


Completing my first 70.3 in 2018 having not swum in the ocean before! Goals at the moment are trying to balance work, study, training and two newborns!

Self-discipline starts with you. It’s no other person. It starts with you. Start to examine yourself…Self discipline is doing what’s right instead of doing what you feel like doing. That’s the meaning of self-discipline.

What Inspires You

All the other athletes at events. Seeing the emotion from people achieving their goals makes me want to work harder to achieve mine.

Big Goals

70.3 WC and KQ are the ultimate goals. In the shorter term Age-Group WC qualification is another goal.

Nutrition Tips

Know what your body responds well to at race specific efforts and don't wait until race day to work out what doesn't.

Nathan's Favourite Bindi Products

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