Sam Colvin

Hi, I'm Sam! I'm a endurance addict from Perth, Western Australia


Times and/or places don't motivate me. I thrive on the psychological aspect of endurance racing and love the challenge of what the human body can achieve if the mind is tuned to do so. I'm a firm believer that if you're strong minded, the rest will follow. However, if I had to choose an achievement that I'm proud of it would be any of my IM distance completions. A true test of human multi-sport endurance.

"stay humble, stay hungry"

What Inspires You

Been fit & able to train/race inspires me get out of bed in the morning. Javier Gomez & Jan Frodeno are two accomplished triathletes who motivate me.

Big Goals

My ongoing goal - be the best athlete I can be whilst juggling everyday life.

Nutrition Tips

Beside complex carbs for energy stores, salt & electrolyte intake is often overlooked. Without this replaced from your sweat loss it will be a very long day at the office.

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