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Asha Hickford is a National and International in-line speed skater from Western Australia who is only 17 years old and already a National Record Holder for both the marathon and 500m speed skating events! Her training not only involves skating, but also gym work, stability and strength training, explosive as well as endurance sessions and the patience and dedication of champion.

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Roxy the inspiring Mum-athlete

Roxy Jakob is a mum and an athlete living in Grafton in NSW. Having grown up with no interest in sport, she decided to take the plunge at a later age and get into the multidiscipline sport of triathlon. She now has two young kids and is training for her first Half Ironman distance Aquabike – all in addition to studying, working and making time for family and friends. She has also recently set up the Grafton Triathlon Club to encourage others to participate in the sport!

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Every athlete strives for an edge over the competition and the key to achieving peak performance can be through optimal nutrition. Although we have very clear nutritional guidelines for performance, we also know that in reality a personalised approach can make a significant difference to your outcome. And so as it is vital to recognise the differing nutritional requirements between sexes, this article will focus on the specific needs of male athletes to get the absolute best out of your performance.

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The menstrual cycle and athletic performance

Female hormones play an important part in sleep, digestion, metabolism, injury prevention, growth, mental well-being and recovery. If your cycle is not regular, chances are, some of these factors are out of line too. Taking care of your general health is the first step in becoming a successful athlete and, as women, we can use our menstrual cycle as an indicator of our overall health. Read on to understand how and why a healthy menstrual cycle is so important for female athletes

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The Road To Recovery – ALEXA LEARY

Alexa Leary is one of those truly special people in life. She is a talented Junior Elite Triathlete and World Title Medalist, who was well on her way to a successful career in sport, before she unfortunately suffered a tragic cycling accident. The accident in July 2021 left her with devastating brain and nervous system injuries. Over the past six months, Alexa has had the courage and dedication to make an unanticipated and exceptional recovery, with ongoing rehabilitation and some memory loss.

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You Are Only Bound by the Limits You Set – AUDREY

This week in the Bindi Athlete Interview Series, I interviewed Audrey Hall, an exceptional middle distance and mountain runner. Audrey has had an intense upbringing in sport and suffered from numerous injuries.

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In this week’s issue of the Bindi Athlete Interview Series, I had a chat with Brenden Wheeler, a long course triathlete who also works in the Air Force. Brenden did his first triathlon on a whim back in 2018 and was hooked from there.

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Matt for this edition of the Bindi Athlete Interview series. Matt is a hard-working and honest athlete, who often works 14-16 hour days and still manages to qualify for Kona. He achieves the impossible every day and here is how he does it….

Alexa Leary

Alexa Leary is a highly positive and passionate triathlete from Noosa on the Sunshine Coast.  As the Australian National Champion for 2019 and 2020 she has big goals ahead and the ability and mindset to achieve great things.  As we welcome Alexa to our elite Bindi Crew Team we sat down to get to know…

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