The future of hydration is here; our Triple Electrolyte Advantage©

The future of hydration is here with our Triple Electrolyte Advantage©. Electrolytes are quite simply, essential to life. They are minerals that carry an electric charge within liquids in the body such as blood. These electrolytes help regulate nerve and muscle function and maintain acid-base and water balance in the body. Essentially, they are responsible for controlling the shift of fluid in and out of cells in our body.

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Nutrition for recovery from injury

The health benefits of participating sports are both physical and mental and are well known to us all. Keeping physically active can benefit cardiovascular and bone health, aid in maintaining a healthy weight, and improve sleep and mental well-being. However, sport carries with it the risk of injury, and most of us will face an injury at some point. One study showed 3 out of 10 elite teenage athletes reported injuries each week. Recovery from injury can be complex and rehabilitation requires physical therapy and nutritional plays a vital role too.

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Are Protein Bars Healthy?

Protein bars have become hugely popular as a way of consuming protein in a quick and convenient snack. Gone are the days of the humble muesli bar; the protein bar has firmly taken over supermarket shelves and gym bags. We are using them for recovery, weight loss, convenience, meal replacement and snacking. Let us take a closer look at what is in your protein bar, and decide if it really is benefiting your health?

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The Power of Protein

Here we delve into the the power of protein. If you are an endurance athlete, you may not think of yourself as a body builder. Yet, your training load places significant demands on your body for maintaining, repairing and growing lean muscle mass. While carbohydrates may be your staple fuel, there is a time and a place for protein in your diet.

Five Facts You May Not Know About Protein

Exercise and protein go hand in hand  as it is an essential nutrient to help you to perform your best both in training and at work. When exercising, the presence of adrenaline and absence of insulin results in muscle proteins breaking down to release amino acids. Protein is need after training in order to repair…

The Importance of Sports Nutrition for Travelling Athletes

At Bindi Nutrition, we’re athletes ourselves, and we understand the importance of sports nutrition when we’re hitting the gym, training, and preparing for a race or competition. At home and within our familiar environment, we have everything we need to stay on track. But when it comes to travelling, leaving our regular routines can throw…

The Ultimate Guide to Protein

If you follow sports nutrition, then you certainly know that protein is an essential part of your daily diet. If you are an endurance athlete, you may not think of yourself as a body builder. Yet, your training load places significant demands on your body for maintaining, repairing and growing lean muscle mass. While carbohydrates may be your staple…

Size Does Matter: Food Portions

Athletes know the truth — size, at least portion size, truly does matter! When you’re an athlete — whether you’re training for a big event like a triathlon or simply trying to perfect your yoga form — you need more calories to get you through the day. That often means more significant portions, but not…