Brendan Irwin

My name is Brendan, I'm a type one diabetic and runner from Sydney, Australia.


Last year my biggest achievement was running my first solo marathon since being diagnosed with diabetes. Right now I'm training for the NewRun Marathon in April and looking to do my first Ultra Marathon later this year.

The Obstacle is the Way - Marcus Aurelius

What Inspires You

I'm inspired to be a good example to my kids. I also want to show other type one diabetics that you can do anything you want.

Big Goals

I want to run a marathon on every continent and in every Australian state and territory.

Nutrition Tips

I've definitely learnt the power of simple and complex carbs in keeping me fuelled. Due to my condition and choosing to run it can be a bit of a delicate balance that is impacted by so many different variables. Finding the right fuelling that works for you is paramount in sports.

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