What causes cramping… and how to avoid it?

We’ve all felt it at some point… that intensely painful and involuntary muscle contraction we know only too well as cramp.  Some people rarely get cramps… whereas others will have a crippling cramp just by pointing a toe in the water and seem to be more prone to them on a regular basis.  It’s natural…

Coming to Busselton? Our favourite local ‘must visit’ spots

There is no doubt that Busselton in December is absolutely buzzing.  The town is filled with Ironman athletes in compression gear… the foreshore fills with marquees and red carpet… and the atmosphere is electric. As a triathlete AND a local, this has to be my favourite time of year – right in the heart of…

The best training day snacks

A lot of our talk about nutrition will focus on the big stuff.  The macros of protein, carbs and fat, or what makes the perfect post training breakfast.  But if you are on a decent training program and expending plenty of energy each day, there’s a good chance you will need snacks between your meals…

I ran marathon last weekend, and here’s what I learnt

The marathon.  What a beautiful, challenging and even mythical distance.  Throughout history, runners have challenged themselves in both mind and body over this distance.  The first marathon commemorated the run of the soldier Pheidippides from a battlefield near the town of Marathon, Greece, to Athens in 490 B.C to announce the defeat of the Persians….

Addicted to sugar?  Why you need to think twice as an athlete

We all know sugar tastes good and it’s hard to stop at just a small sample of anything deliciously sweet.  But are you actually addicted?  It’s certainly possible, as sugar activates opiate receptors in your brain to make you feel good emotionally, even if only in the short term.  But once the sugar high wears…

The health benefits of supergreen powders

Green is the new black, and it suits everyone. While fashion may not be my forte (lycra anyone??), I do know a lot about nutrition, and when it comes to upping your daily intake of vitamins and nutrients, I’m all over it.
While hippies have been spouting the benefits of a plant-based diet for decades, the rise in popularity of superfoods and drinks has increased exponentially in the last few years. Why? In honesty, it’s because the benefits of a daily dose of super greens are undeniable.

The travelling triathlete… Brandon

Travelling can be a big part of the sport of triathlon – whether it is a few hours to a race or even overseas.  The tricky logistics of nutrition, hydration and bike transport can really derail your ideal race. Our star Bindi athlete Brandon, travels regularly for races, so we pumped him for his best advice on avoiding the pitfalls such as dehydration, food poisoning and mechanicals.

Give DOMS the flick

We’ve all been there – we’ve taken time off training, then gone back into the gym and gone hard, thinking we can lift what we lifted before the break. Or we’ve upped the training load to “crazy” in the pursuit of a new goal (Ironman, anyone?) only to wake up the next morning unable to walk with a serious case of DOMS…

A day in the life of Hoppy

Andrea “Hoppy” Hopkin is a self confessed tough nut, she is very  goal driven and has high expectations of herself.  Last December she suffered a bulging disc and had to take training right back to square one.  Recently she had a successful comeback to racing at Karri Valley Triathlon, and all signs are looking good for a standout performance at  Strongman Japan in April 2018. 
We caught up with her to find out… what does a regular day of training look like for this triathlete?