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3 Ways to Tell if You Have a Healthy Relationship with Food

As athletes, we are constantly looking for an extra edge when it comes to training, racing, winning and simply improving ourselves to become fitter, faster, stronger and healthier! However, how much is too much of a good thing when a healthy obsession turns into self-destruction from a nutrition perspective?

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Sometimes having a rest is undoubtedly the best thing you can do. But often as athletes we fight doing so and don’t give our bodies the long rest and recovery they are Whatever sport or type of activity you do, it is always important to take a break from it physically, mentally and emotionally. Doing so will leave you fresh and fighting to go, and can often reignite that competitive spirit within you, which can easily be lost when putting in the hours day in, day out, sometimes unquestioningly.


What are the benefits of getting up early? Why join the 5am club and what’s all the hype about? Well…Getting up early has multiple benefits. Statistics say that those who rise early and sleep before 10pm are far less likely to fall into poor eating patterns, sleep patterns, work patterns and bad habits throughout the day!

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The menstrual cycle and athletic performance

Female hormones play an important part in sleep, digestion, metabolism, injury prevention, growth, mental well-being and recovery. If your cycle is not regular, chances are, some of these factors are out of line too. Taking care of your general health is the first step in becoming a successful athlete and, as women, we can use our menstrual cycle as an indicator of our overall health. Read on to understand how and why a healthy menstrual cycle is so important for female athletes

Yummy Vegan Protein Pancakes

Who knew vegan pancakes could be so fabulous? And if you happen to be an active person, or simply want to add some additional protein to your meal these tasty gluten-free pancakes are perfect for you. When you think of clean-eating chances are endless amounts of  steamed vegetables and lean chicken come to mind. Foods…

Five Facts You May Not Know About Protein

Exercise and protein go hand in hand  as it is an essential nutrient to help you to perform your best both in training and at work. When exercising, the presence of adrenaline and absence of insulin results in muscle proteins breaking down to release amino acids. Protein is need after training in order to repair…

5 Things You Should Know About Bindi Digest Blend

It’s here, the newest member of the Bindi Nutrition family, BINDI Digest Blend. The benefits of BINDI Digest Blend are a boost your gut health and in doing so to enhance your brain-power and help you perform at your best. We have chosen a unique blend of Trytophan, Slippery Elm bark, L-Glutamine, Tumeric Powder, Inulinm…

How A Healthy Gut Can Help You Improve Your Health

Taking care of your gut health has never been more important due to the incredible complexity of the gastrointestinal system and its importance to our overall health.  Much research over the past two decades has shown a strong link between gut health and your immune system, mood and mental health, hormonal disorders, skin conditions and…

The 2021 Nutrition Trends You Need To Know!

There is no doubt that 2020 was a year filled with turbulence and uncertainty. The pandemic was a crisis that presented all of us with a unique set of challenges. However, health was at the forefront of our minds, media and social interactions. Being able to stay healthy became a goal that each of us…

Beat the Christmas Bulge

It’s the festive season, so naturally Christmas parties and celebrations are in full swing.  As we gather with family and friends – many for the first time since last Christmas there will be plenty of food, food and probably more food. From turkey and hams to sweet treats and gingerbread houses, Christmas certainly doesn’t disappoint….

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